Hotel Bathrooms

The kitchen tap is so important in a hotel interior setting for a number of reasons. For sure, it will be put to good use by any guest who can only be expected to wash and prepare food when a microwave oven or stove is nearby. Guests can be very discriminating since they are required to pay to stay.

Extra information about kitchen tap

An Integral Part of Excellence in Service

Guests may use the kitchen tap for other purposes such as drinking water, washing their hands or even washing their face or hair. That's why the kitchen tap should be designed to perfection in order to ensure ease of use while preventing unsightly water drops or leakages from happening. It can be so annoying when the kitchen tap spurts water in full force with a slight touch.

The Well Thought-Out Sink Speaks Volumes

On the other hand, one under-performing spout can be a major irritant when fetching water from the source is like pulling teeth. Obviously, some balancing act needs to happen in order to satisfy both concerns on opposing sides. And not only that, the kitchen tap must work well with the sink in order to deliver exceptional service for the hotel guest.

Who knows, the guests may be royals or celebrities. As such, they have the power to tell countless others about the quality of service that they received from the hotel establishment. So some tips to follow, aside from keeping the faucet and sink spic and span, is to observe sensible design principles.

Quality by Design

For example, a sink that is too shallow tends to cause water to drip or spill when the faucet is turned on. While you would think that a bigger or wider design can easily solve the conundrum, this is easier said than done. The simplest solution is to give the sink enough depth for the liquid to flow right in instead of giving it the opportunity to splatter at the corners or edges. In the final analysis, the precise combination of right-sizing and adequate depth is what makes a water portal a huge winner.

The guest definitely appreciates the finer things in life and will come to realize how well thought-out everything is in the suite that he or she has chosen. Attention to details may even generate hand-written notes from the customer or result in a much bigger tip come checkout time. Hence, you can never underestimate the power of well-conceived interiors.

The Ultimate Results of the Clever Faucet

Just like birds on a drinking fountain, a well-designed watering hole can bring joy to guests everywhere. To illustrate, having faucet handles that are easy to turn with an elbow can add a great deal of satisfaction to a person who's very picky about catching germs from accidentally touching surfaces. After all, the proper hand-washing procedure demands that one not touch the faucet after having already dried one's hands.

And from a water-conservation point of view, the standard for the dependable water spout must be that it's easy to shut off. When this design principle is ignored, water wastage can and will occur. Guest who don't have the time to ensure that the faucet has been adequately turned off will need a little help.